Tickets, fines and fees can easily be processed for county, municipal, circuit and district courts around the country creating a seamless way to pay and streamline the revenue collection process. Learn how to realize efficiencies and reduce costs by transferring much of the burden of PCI compliance to us and give your staff and payers the ease-of-use and innovation of our payment platform.


I recommend that any city/county government take a serious look at using AllPaid. These methods save us hundreds of thousands of dollars and greatly reduce liability exposure.

- Deryl Corley, Court Administrator Carrollton Municipal Court Carrollton, TX

Pay a ticket, fine or fee today.

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Learn more about AllPaid’s re-designed payment platform, we wanted our foundation to be rooted in Three key pillars:  service, performance and innovation.

  • Service – AllPaid’s roots were built on great service and we want to take that to the next level.  We believe that an intuitive, easy-to-use system is foundational in preventing user issues and make every experience a great one. 
  • Performance – Leveraging the power of the cloud, we’ll deliver one of the most secure, reliable, and stable platforms in the market.
  • Innovation – The most exciting part of our new platform is how the new technologies will enable AllPaid to move faster and more efficiently to deliver new services, tools, and capabilities to you and your users.

About AllPaid. Founded in 1997, we offer a secure, single-source payment platform that unlocks efficiencies for governments and their payers—guaranteeing confidence at all touch points. Specializing in creating unique solutions to payment challenges, we leverage a cloud-based turnkey platform that delivers a quick and convenient, omni-channel payment experience. We offer multiple payment options for our customers: online, onsite, 24/7 contact center and IVR. Our vision is to become the most loved payment platform serving the public sector.